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How it works

Charles Herisson LTD is a boutique consulting company, specialising in personalised consultancy for high-net-worth individual customers. Based in London, UK we are extending services to VIP clients globally.
We pride ourselves on reliable, efficient, confidential premium customer services.
With offices based in Italy and United Kingdom, we are a multilingual and multinational brand offering our global members a customized local service at exceptional value.

Why Charles Herisson?

Charles Herisson LTD provides you with a superior customized service, combined with a sophisticated network of worldwide contacts. We make sure that our clients get inside knowledge, comfort and security at the best service levels.
Our highly trained team ensures that bespoke attention is paid to every detail around your experience. Our unique edge is premium igaming experience, along with coaching services to improve your performance. Should you like to enjoy the glamour of social events and VIP red carpet treatment, have exclusive access to top venues or events, or simply like to do/experience something unique, call or email us and we will ensure first class entertainment and the best experience possible.